-| Starter Package Newbie |-
Blessing License(30 Days/No Trade)
Warrior's Package (30 days/ No Trade)
Captain Panda (No Trade)
Merc. Room License x5 [No Trade/30 days]
Extra Inventory License x2 [No Trade/30 days]
Thor's Wings (No Trade)
Rebirth Token 100x *No TRADE
EXP Concentration License x1 (1 days/No Trade)

-| Added Mercenary Fixed Market |-
Huike's Letter 10.000 G
Viking summon marble 10.000 G
Beast Trainer Summon Marble 10.000 G
Witch summon Marble 10.000 G
Exorcist summon marble 10.000 G
Princess' Contract 10.000 G
Prophet Summon Marble 10.000 G
Oracle's Papyrus 10.000 G
Inventor Summon Kit 10.000 G
Cannoneer's Challenge 10.000 G
Lady Knight's Pledge 10.000 G
Spartan's sealed Slate 500m Gold
Pirate's Signal Shot 500m Gold
Hwarang's Letter 30m Gold
Frank Reade's Card 400m Gold
Empress' Ornament 1b Gold
Druid's Soul-Sealing Stone 2b Gold
Odysseus' Summon Paper 2b Gold

Feel free to enjoy the game, don't forget to bring your friend to atlantica private server "ATOLFAN"