hiya all, my ign is evlhomer or evlhomers plus a few others.

i played atlantica way back in the mists of time when it was the last 2 weeks of beta in ndoors till a lil while after nexon took over then took a rest then went to EU servers till they merged the servers and messed everything up, went to mtrue and really enjoyed that till it closed down and i coudlnt get on the newer one cause of ip block or some such reason but now im here and loving the server

im the GL of PheonixRising guild and we are a chilled out relaxed guild who you can just do your own thing, play in a group or do what ya want as long as you repspect others and just have a good time, wanna get a nation started and maybe group a few guilds together and run some avalon etc like the other nations but those are future plans and a ways off (gotta lvl up 1st haha)

if ya need anything just pop me an ingame text or on discord (evlhomer) and if i can i'll help ya out

am a 44yo player btw so i been around the block a bit with gaming lol but once a gamer then its gamer for life , am in the uk too so 1st language english and thats about it lol but if ya need help with any english just ask and i'll try my best to help ya out with that.

oh and if the gm or owner arnt about and ya havin problems gettin the game to run i can maybe help ya out as i went through it all tryin to get it running myself lol